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A little about me

Hello, my name is Alana Salisbury, and I would love to marry you!

There is a bit more to me than just love. I am a wife, a brunch connoisseur, coffee addict, dog lover (yes, I am that girl who chats to everyone’s dogs, so feel free to bring your dog with you when we meet) and I prefer winter over summer.
Born and raised in Adelaide, I moved to Melbourne in 2011 where I’ve developed my love for public speaking, having hosted charity events, beauty pageants, and even MC-ing wedding receptions!

While I was loving this side of my life, as I entered my mid-30s I realised that I’ve been a guest at more weddings than you could toss a bouquet at – my own included – and one factor that many weddings have in common is a celebrant who tries to take centre stage. Whether they come unprepared, kick off with an impromptu stand-up act, or haven’t taken the time to truly understand the couple getting married, I’ve seen it all.

My belief is that the spotlight should remain firmly planted where it belongs – on you and your guests! So, after seeing the best and worst that wedding celebrants have to offer, I took my love of love and mixed it with a dash of storytelling, a sprinkling of public speaking, a healthy amount of creativity, and a light dusting of humour to create Alana With Love – a bespoke celebrant service for couples who want a celebrant to guide them through their big day, not steal the spotlight on it.

Whether you’re after something traditional or quirky, in front of 5 of your nearest and dearest or 500, it would be my honour and privilege to guide you to your perfect, unique, and “100% you” ceremony.

If this sounds like your cup of tea, reach out to arrange a no obligation, no stress meeting over a coffee, tea, or even a cheeky bubbly where you can share your love story and your dreams for the big day.

If you want to get to know me better beforehand, you can always check out my Facebook and Instagram to see photos and videos from recent weddings and events.

With Love,

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Don't Just Take My Word For It...

Let's make your special day pop!

Here’s how our
journey begins…

1. We catch up for an informal chat

After touching base via phone or email, we would first make sure that your chosen wedding date is available, we would then arrange a time for you and your fiancé to meet at a suitable place.

After this, we'd have an informal chat about the both of you, how you met, what kind of ceremony you are both envisioning and a brief rundown of what is expected of you both from a legal point of view. Coffee, vino or milkshake… it’s my treat!

2. Let's make it legal

If you decide that I am a perfect fit for your big day, we will then arrange a more in depth meeting (no less than a calendar month out from your big day) to discuss the legal particulars.

At this meeting you will need to bring any relevant information such as passports/birth certificates/divorce certificates etc to fill out your NOIM (Notice of Intent to Marry is a legal document that I send to Births, Deaths and Marriages along with your Official Marriage Certificate after your wedding).

3. The fun stuff

With unlimited correspondence, I am always a phone call or email away, no question is a silly one! This is meant to be a stress free part of your wedding and I am here to make it as seamless and as fun as possible.

After you decided that I was to be your celebrant, I will have sent you and your fiancé a love story questionnaire. This is an opportunity for you both to be as open and honest as you wish (as this will be a helping guide for me to personalise your ceremony).

4. Pre-flight cabin check

A few weeks or days prior to the wedding, I like to organise a wedding rehearsal with both parties and their bridal party, this allows all involved to feel comfortable around all aspects of the big day. We fill out one more legal document, the no legal impediment to marry, this states that you are both willing to enter into marriage with the consent of both parties.

5. The big day!

Your wedding day arrives, I am all set up and ready to go at least a half hour before the bride arrives. This is the part where everything we have created together comes to life, your day is as relaxed, unique and as personal as you are.

I would now like to welcome the happy couple…

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I know it’s not just love that makes the world go ‘round!
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